Urmila Matondkar: We’ll have to take care for the next two months, or it’s the common man who will suffer

These are challenging times and everything seems like déjà vu. We were saying and doing the same things we were last year,” opines Urmila Matondkar, who wants to urge people “with folded hands” to take care and stay at home.

She adds, “Don’t get into social, religious or political war of words or mind games. Concentrate on each other as a society and help others in a humanitarian manner. Irrespective of the religion, no one should be part of gatherings, no matter the occasion. We have to take care for another two months, at least, the way things are spiralling, because at the end of the day, it is the common man who will suffer.”

Matondkar also suggests that people not meet next door neighbours or friends to maintain social distance and not socialise right now. It is the right thing for yourself, your parents and family and even theirs, she emphasises. “This is not the time to meet people or feel shy to tell people to stay away. The virus has become air borne apparently and that’s why it is spreading so soon. Everyday the numbers are rising,” she says.

With a number of celebrities testing positive for Covid-19, including “health freaks like Sachin Tendulkar, Bhumi Pednekar, Vicky Kaushal and Akshay Kumar, who take way more care than a normal person can afford to about following protocol and maintaining sanitization, and yet got Corona, then who are we”.

The actor states, “We can’t afford to be lax in anyway. It is the time to fight together as a society and nation, everything else can wait, life can’t. Taking all precautions, staying home is the need hour of the hour. Jaan hai toh jahaan hai, that’s the bottom line. It’s time to put a lockdown on one’s self let alone any place. It is a tremendously difficult time and if we are all in this together, we should be able to sail through.”

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