Twinkle Khanna offers a glimpse into her garden as she enjoys poetic beginning to her day. Watch video

Twinkle Khanna has a luxe green garden at her Mumbai home, overflowing with beautiful flowers and plants. Check it out.

PUBLISHED ON APR 07, 2021 01:24 PM IST

Author and former actor Twinkle Khanna had a beautiful beginning to her day. On Wednesday, she took to Instagram to share her thoughts with her fans and also offer a glimpse into her garden.

Sharing a video as she enjoyed her morning tea in her garden, Twinkle wrote, “A series of todays. All the same. Leftover rainwater in a pothole. The future, a battered road that stretches as far as the eye can see. What else can we do to delight the heart except float paper boats of the past across these stagnant puddles.” The video showed Twinkle putting her cup on a table and panning the camera towards the greenery in her garden.

A fan asked her for the name of a particularly beautiful red flower, when Twinkle replied, “It’s a gloxinia I believe.” Another fan wrote, “Love the words.”

Twinkle often shares pictures and videos from her garden. It is adorned with lush greenery all around and there is even a little pond with blue tiles and bright-coloured fish. Twinkle had also shared an Instagram post about how she can turn any corner green. “Though a green thumb does sound like some sort of a fungal infection, I believe that I could possibly be the proud possessor of one,” she wrote.

Check out more photos of her garden:

Twinkle and her husband Akshay Kumar had welcomed their daughter Nitara in 2012 and son Aarav in 2002. The star couple got married in 2001.

Twinkle has starred in movies such as International Khiladi, Baadshah, Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan, among others. She later gave up her acting career and is currently working as a film producer, popular columnist and a best-selling author. She has written books such as Mrs Funnybones, Legend of Laxmi Prasad and Pyjamas are Forgiving.

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