Taha Shah Badussha: I think I might have to go to Dubai to get vaccinated

As the Covid-19 cases continue to spike and situation in the country worsens amid the pandemic, people are keen to get vaccinated at the earliest. However, many are unsure about how soon they can get it and whether they would even get it or not.

Actor Taha Shah Badussha, whose family lives in Dubai, says, “My mum got vaccinated in Dubai. I am alone here in Mumbai. I haven’t got vaccinated yet but I’m looking forward to getting it soon post May 1 (when everyone above 18 is allowed to get the vaccine). But right now I think the stock is less, so I am not sure. I might plan a trip to Dubai just to meet my family and get vaccinated there.”

The actor, who is born and brought up in United Arab Emirates, is also looking forward to reuniting with his family soon.

“My mom got stuck here (in India) last year and then she was here, throughout and didn’t get to see my brother (who stays in Dubai with his family). And I was stuck in Los Angeles for seven months. I didn’t get to see them. When I came back to India, my mum was here. So now, I am going to see my brother and my bhabhi and my nephew Ayaan after almost a year and three months,” shares the actor, who was recently seen in the music video, Aaj Sajeya.

The actor, who has been a part of films such as Luv Ka The End (2011), Gippi (2013), Baar Baar Dekho (2016) and recent web series Bekaboo 2, says he also has a jam packed schedule for this year but everything went into a tizzy.

“I am just waiting for this lockdown to get over so I can finish the shoot that I was doing, before I fly out to Dubai. But given the situation, one never knows. The 15 days might stretch to 20 days, then a month or longer. Let’s hope how it pans out,” he concludes referring to the shutdown announced in Maharashtra.

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