Sunny Leone: I’m like any other parent who is providing for their family and worried about their children

Sunny Leone is back in the country from Los Angeles, where she was for the better part of 2020. She will be heading to Kerala on April 17, where she will begin the shoot for her next film project.

Asked how has the experience been for her with all restrictions in place, and she admits, it is definitely not easy.

“But you have to hope that the producer, the director and everybody that you are working with has the same mission as you that is to be safe. And most of the people that I worked with are that way and we as a company, my husband and all of us together carry safety forward and make sure those safety measures are set, at least when I am on set,” says the actor.

Being a mother to three kids — twin sons Asher and Noah, and daughter Nisha — and juggling her work, which is risky considering she has to venture outside, must be a daunting task.

Leone feels as far as managing is concerned, she is like “every other parent out there”.

The 39-year-old explains, “I’m no different that anybody else who has children and I’m a working mother and my husband works as well. We have to do what we have to do to provide for our family. Sitting at home is not going to solve anything if we can’t sustain certain type of living like everybody else wants to. Everyone works to take care of their family, their household, their children and I’m also doing the same thing.”

This is why she is getting tested for Covid regularly. “I’m trying to stay as safe as possible, getting testing done every 2-3 days,” she Leone.

While the actor had returned to India alone some time back for a professional commitment, it is only now that she began work in full swing. What made her decide this was the correct time?

“I don’t think it’s about when the right time was. It was about whether we could fly back to India safely or not and if all the measures were carried out safety. As I said, I’m like any other parent who is providing for their family and is worried about their children in a time where families and businesses are being destroyed,” she signs off.

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