Sonu Sood wants to ‘cancel board exams 2021’, stands in support of students. Watch video message

Actor Sonu Sood has stood up in support of students preparing for ‘offline’ board exams, as coronavirus cases increase across India. He said that a different method of examination should be explored.

In a video message posted on Instagram and Twitter on Sunday, the actor said, “Our country’s students are preparing for board exams right now, but I don’t feel they are ready. When there were just 600 cases in Saudi Arabia, exams were cancelled. When there were just 1300 cases in Mexico, exams were cancelled. Kuwait had 1500 cases, exams were cancelled.”

He continued, “India has 1.45 lakh cases, and yet we are thinking of conducting exams, which is unfair.”

He said that an ‘alternate’ method, such as ‘internal assessments’, should be explored in this scenario, only to ‘support’ the students. Calling ‘offline exams’ at a time when the nation is entering various forms of lockdown ‘very unfair to students’, Sonu said that he would like for people to come together in their support. “I am here to support every single student who is not ready for these offline exams,” he said.

He captioned his post, “I request everyone to support students who are forced to appear for offline board exams in these tough times. With the number of cases rising to 145k a day I feel there should be an internal assessment method to promote them rather than risking so many lives. #cancelboardexam2021.”

Fans took to the comments section to thank him for his gesture. “Ek hi to dil hai kitni baar jeetoge bhai (we have one heart, how many times will you win it)?” one person wrote. “Thanks for your support Sir,” wrote another.

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Sonu won the hearts of millions during the lockdown last year, after he arranged for stranded migrant workers to be transported back to their home states. Later, he continued to support those who had been affected economically by the pandemic.

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