Sanjay Suri on turning 50: I am loving this phase of my life

Looking forward to entering a new phase in life, actor-producer Sanjay Suri says it is going to be a milestone birthday for him. He will spend this special day doing something he loves to do — work.

“I am turning 50, and I am lucky I got to this beautiful physical age. I am loving this phase of my life! The journey has been full of experiences and learning that becomes us. Regarding birthday plans, I am shooting a film in Uttarakhand. So, it’s great to be working and doing what I love doing, close to nature but I’ll be missing family and friends,” shares Suri.

On whether he enjoys a big birthday celebration and how he usually celebrates, the actor says, “I am not usually a big birthday person but I like doing the little things that I like doing which could be just having a coffee chat , playing a sport or a run, spending a relaxed day and evening. I don’t really enjoy big parties on a day when i wish to spend only with close ones.”

Grand celebration or not, Suri, who has starred in films such as Pinjar (2003), Firaaq (2008), I Am (2011), does have a wish on this birthday.

“I don’t consider calendar days as milestones! For me my personal journey with its experiences and learning become more of a milestone than a particular date, be it a birthday or a new year. Having said that, I do aspire to explore more within and perhaps get to travel more. Professionally certainly looking to do some roles that I can bite my teeth into….kind of missing that,” he explains.

Work-wise the actor is keeping very busy. “I am currently shooting a film, it’s a romantic comedy. Too early to speak about it but it’s a heart-warming film. Besides there is another web series that is starting by April end. As a producer I have been developing many scripts during the lockdown and hope to start one of them as and when I can,” he concludes.

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