Ronit Roy: Audiences have had enough of abusing on the OTT medium, they are not liking it

Amid the pandemic, OTT platforms have emerged as the primary source of entertainment. And with the increased demand, makers have been churning out content at breakneck speed.

It is also a medium which has also come under the scanner of the government, owing to the free rein that makers have. As someone who has dabbled with the web space through the show Hostages and its second season, what’s Ronit Bose Roy’s take on the medium?

“I see a lot of unnecessary stuff in my shows also. When I sit for the first time with my director, writers, and fellow actors, I am always of the opinion that we might not be having an official government censorship, but I like my shows to be watched by everybody. Main khud hi censor kar leta hoon,” he tells us.

The 55-year-old, who was also seen in the web film 7 Kadam recently, adds that he keeps his language in check as well.

“In my line, if there’s MC/BC (cuss words) or the F-word… once in a while I can use when it’s really necessary, if the scene calls for it. As a trend, if everybody is abusing, and so you also have to abuse — I don’t like that. I personally censor the stuff that I do, and requests everybody else also about it, whether it’s expletives, nudity, or blood and gore, violence. You should be true to the script, and not just to attract eyeballs,” says Roy.

The actor argues that the language used on OTT platforms is not a reflection of real life.

“I know people from lower strata of society, they don’t use 10 expletives in one sentence, nobody talks like that. If it’s not necessary, then why (use it)? Aaj kal log bolte hain ‘edgy hai’, how does it become edgy if you abuse? People are not liking it. I have a strong connect with my audience, and I get a lot of feedback. People have had enough of this. You can’t sit and watch it with parents, parents can’t sit and watch it with their grown up kids, it is embarassing,” he concludes.

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