Raghubir Yadav feels cinema is nothing but merely a business for some people who run a mafia

As an actor, he has been a part of acclaimed films such as Massey Sahib (1985), Salaam Bombay! (1988), Bandit Queen (1994), Lagaan (2000), and yet, Raghubir Yadav finds it sad to see how some form of Hindi cinema has deteriorated.

“The kind of work that many actors weren’t able to do is because of the cinema mafia who make the big budget films. Cinema ko dhanda bana diya hain kuch logo ne. I don’t even know what happens in such films, but they made it a business, that’s not cinema,” he rues, adding, “Now people are fed up of that and are moving away from that. The real work is now getting made and people are getting the opportunities now. Now the audience is also changing.”

However, lauding the OTT platforms for bringing about a change in the entertainment industry, Yadav says they have changed and upped the whole game.

“Good work is getting seen because of the web. I think this is going to sustain and stay in our lives. Now, hopefully people will also realise that this is the standard of work and this is how they’d have to work,” he states.

From films, TV and theatre to now OTT, the 63-year-old has constantly reinvented himself and has starred in some fan favourite web projects such as web film Love per Square Foot and series Panchayat, which was a runaway success when it released last year.

“The reach of OTT is far greater than any other medium. The audience is open to it but they also reject you if they don’t like your work. In the lockdown, whether the audience was forced to watch OTT or whether they chose to, the outcome is that they’re now exposed to good content and won’t settle for just about anything. OTT platforms have got the audience into the habit of watching good stuff,” Yadav opines.

Sharing an update about the upcoming season of Panchayat, he reveals they’ll start shooting next month.

“Our villages are like this and after a very long time it has been shown on screen like this. I’m looking forward to shooting the series again and I can’t wait to see what my character will so next. Now it’s also a big responsibility to maintain that standard and deliver and make it even better,” he shares.

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