Producer Ajit Thakur says he got ‘evidence’ indicating that the complainant blackmailed him after she names him in FIR lodged for rape and molestation | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Bollywood producer Ajit Thakur and several others were accused of rape and molestation by a 28-year-old model and she went on to lodge an FIR in Mumbai’s Bandra police station on the 26th of May. Now, the producer himself opened up about the same in a conversation with the ETimes. While denying all the allegations made against him, he said, ‘The allegations made against me are false, malicious and motivated. It is nothing more than an attempt to smear my reputation.’ Further on, he also revealed that the model has been blackmailing him for quite some time. He said, ‘In fact, I have evidence that indicates that the complainant was attempting to blackmail myself amongst several others and when her attempts failed, she resorted to registering an FIR with baseless allegations.’

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