Poonam Dhillon: Requesting the govt to give priority to the entertainment industry for vaccines

The senior actor says the second wave is serious and a difficult time for the industry; adds the entertainment industry is doing a service to keep people entertained when they are at home

UPDATED ON APR 17, 2021 07:22 PM IST

Birthdays have been a big thing in our family. Last year, it was an in-house affair and I had five celebration on video calls with different groups of friends. It was different yet fun,” says Poonam Dhillon, who turns 59 this year. Aware that this year too, it will be a similar celebration, she adds that every birthday is special and she feels quite “pampered, nevertheless”.

With the rise in Covid-19 cases, the senior actor, who was shooting till recently for two projects, is sad to see the situation. She says, “People are casual and careless and wait for the government to enforce a lockdown. Unfortunately our numbers are so huge and ignorance is leading to mistakes and stupidity. Wearing the masks under the nose is just fooling yourself. We have to be responsible for ourselves. It’s our jobs to make people around us aware of the seriousness of the situation. I don’t mean fear psychosis but with vigilance. Double masking and taking steam daily helps. In fact, I have been shooting during the pandemic and have been particular about everyone wearing masks and diligently following SOPs.”

With the new restrictions and lockdown like situation in the state, no shoot and theatres shut, the industry is going through a tough time. “That’s why I have been tweeting and requesting priority in vaccination for our industry. The crew, light men and cameraman travel in public transport and stay in one room, so the risk is high. Moreover, the entertainment industry is doing a service to keep people entertained while they are at home, at the risk of their own health. So, I hope the government takes cognisance of it. I hope this year, we all get herd immunity through vaccination. The virus is a big hurdle to overcome in every industry -emotionally, financially and psychologically for everyone,” concludes Dhillon.


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