Mouni Roy: We should not forget that we are living in a pandemic and start behaving otherwise

The actor is worried about “the substantial rise in Covid cases”, as despite all protocols and regulations, “the virus is not something we can control”.

PUBLISHED ON APR 20, 2021 06:57 PM IST

“It is worrisome to see the substantial rise in Covid-19 cases. Though, we are all following all protocols and govt rules and regulations, the virus is not something we can control,” feels Mouni Roy, who was in Abu Dhabi most of last year and later shot for London Confidential in London before returning to India.

Roy is concerned about shoots being stalled, spike in cases and many actors testing positive for Covid-19. The way she sees it, the pandemic will take time and this is the new world and we have to live in it. “Yes, we can’t have big get-togethers and one can get sick and tired of being alone or staying on your own. I live alone in Mumbai and have a few friends who I hang out with. These are the things we can do and we should not forget that we are living in a pandemic and not start behaving otherwise. To each their own and one day at a time, we shall overcome. We should do what we can in the new world and follow guidelines and protocols. We can hope with time the virus will go away,” says the actor, who calls the last year “a purge and curse”.

The Made In China (2019) actor recently met Sadhguru as her brother took the inner engineering course at his institute. Talking about meeting the Guru, she states, “I remember sitting in front of him and crying as I was so happy to meet him. I couldn’t ask him the questions I had planned to. We had a brief conversation and it was wonderful.”

In fact, since the lockdown last year, she has been sharing her spiritual side on social media. She has been taking lessons on The Bhagvad Geeta, which she studied as a child in school but back then, she says she “didn’t have the understanding or the application in life”. But when her friend took a class in Abu Dhabi, she did an online class and has been pursuing it “religiously” for a year and a half now. “If you have questions in life, the answers are there in the Geeta. It’s not a book, it is eternal knowledge. You have to read, understand and apply it in life, slowly. As you do this, you can feel the changes in your life. It was something that came my way and I accepted it whole-heartedly. It works on your whole personality. You understand that there are two sides to everything. You learn to be. I have become way more accepting and let go of things easily. I feel I can drop negativity in life much faster than before. Like if you practice gratitude, you will have more things to thankful,” says the actor, who was last seen in the music video, Patli Kamariya and is awaiting the release of Brahmastra, co-starring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.


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