Lisa Haydon feels ‘nervous’ before welcoming baby girl, son Leo is the reason: ‘I worry about his little emotions’

  • Lisa Haydon shared a picture with her younger son Leo from their beach outing and admitted to feeling ‘nervous’, ahead of the birth of her third child. Here is why.

PUBLISHED ON APR 11, 2021 03:43 PM IST

Lisa Haydon talked about feeling ‘nervous’ ahead of the arrival of her third child. The actor, who already has two sons – Zack and Leo – with husband Dino Lalvani, is expecting a baby girl this time around. The baby is due in June.

In an Instagram post, Lisa asked other expecting women if they experienced similar feelings about having another baby, while already raising a young child who is still learning how to talk. She said that her son Leo is ‘so loved’ and will continue to be, even after his little sister is born.

“Any other moms out there nervous about another baby coming along while you still have a baby in your arms? I worry about his little emotions, how will he feel and express himself while he’s yet learning how to talk. Precious boy you are so loved and will be ever so even when your sister arrives in ten weeks,” she wrote.

“On another note, so thankful the beaches in Hong Kong have opened after endless months of lockdowns. They are truly more magical and cleaner than I’ve ever seen them. April is my favourite beach month here – the water is still crisp, the sun not too hot and the beaches not yet super crowded. Love that this year Leo gets to share the beach with us. He already loves the water. Maybe he’ll be an early swimmer,” she added.

Lisa’s picture with Leo got a lot of love online. Shibani Dandekar called her a ‘beauty’, while Anaita Shroff Adajania dropped a heart emoji. “Unreal!” a fan commented. “Pregnancy seems soooo easy and effortless when I see you. You are beautiful inside out,” another wrote.

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Lisa has been documenting her pregnancy journey on Instagram. Last month, she shared a picture of herself flaunting her baby bump and joked that she sometimes thinks it is a result of the food she eats. “Sometimes I’m not sure how much is really baby growing and how much is croissant/pizza,” she quipped.

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