Harshvardhan Rane on exchanging his bike for oxygen concentrators: Felt horrible something was kept next to me while someone wasn’t able to breathe

Every help counts — at least in the given scenario where people are not even getting a chance at survival due to lack of oxygen and basic medical facilities.Every day, thousands of people are making appeals on social media and many celebs have already pitched in and are doing their bit. Coming forward to help, actor Harshvardhan Rane has decided to give away his bike in exchange for oxygen concentrators for people in need.

An avid biker, who took to social media to post pics of him with his two-wheeler, tells us, “My upbringing, which was on my own after I ran away from my house, has usually been around solving a problem. I try to find a solution rather than focusing on how did it go wrong and who’s responsible. I somehow am never able to indulge in that or show any interest in that. Going by my wiring makes be part of a solution, and that’s what I have been thinking for the past few weeks.”

The 37-year-old noticed his bike parked in his garage, which he had not been able to take out for a ride owing to the circumstances.

“I’d just look at it, parked — like everything right now in my life looks like. I felt it could be used for something or someone. I don’t come from a background where I could just write huge cheques. As of now, at my stage, I only look at things like this. I feel horrible if something is kept next to me, and someone isn’t able to breathe. I was going through this for the past few weeks, and that made me think of letting this motorcycle become oxygen for somebody,” shares Rane.

Offers have started pouring in, and the actor just wants to make sure he gets the maximum oxygen concentrators in exchange for the bike.

“I never thought I’d spend so much time on direct messages. I’ve been flooded with them, people are coming forward and offering their best price. We’re trying to see how many concentrators we can get (in exchange of my bike), I’m coordinating that. Hopefully, in a day or two, we’ll find someone who’s able to give us the maximum,” he ends.

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