Ashish R Shukla: Every film set is getting infected, some are disclosing, some are not

The rise of Covid-19 cases in India, especially Mumbai, has once again impacted films shoots and releases. Filmmaker Ashish R Shukla, who is currently busy with his new web series, rues a lot of work has been affected yet again in the entertainment industry, including his own.

“Work cannot happen from our homes, studios or offices. We have to go on set and work with 200 plus people every day. But the situation is bad again. Some people disclose it, some don’t but I think every film set is getting infected,” says Shukla, who is currently editing his new series, Candy.

He further adds, “Some of my editors, assistants, assistants and post-production team have tested positive for Covid-19. So, work is getting affected and halted. We have to start again after some days, which has become the norm again.”

The filmmaker, who himself battled Covid last October, says the situation has worsened and gone back to where things were last year.

“Now if actors and crew members test positive, we will have to give some time to them to recover. So delays are there but there is no other way to go about it. However, work has to continue at the same time because people need work as well. We can’t stop people from working. That is how things are going to be the next two to three years. It has become the norm,” Shukla opines.

As uncertainty looms large with regards to theatrical release of films, will OTT platforms again come to the rescue? Shukla, who has done abundant work on the OTT with projects such as Bicchoo Ka Khel, Bahut Hua Sammaan and Undekhi, says that getting work out there is important.

“OTT is blessing. It was because of the OTTs that the entertainment industry did suffer that much. Many filmmakers who had their film ready didn’t wait for cinemas to reopen and released their projects on OTT. Given the situation now, I won’t be surprised if it starts to happen once again. Many film releases have already been postponed,” he concludes.

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