Ansiba Hassan: I didn’t think I’d come back to films, but Drishyam 2 happened

Ansiba Hassan a.k.a Anju from the Drishyam franchise was initially unhappy when she got to know that Drishyam 2 would release on OTT instead of theatres. However, once the film released, she couldn’t have been happier. “I was very upset because it’s a big movie and it was releasing after things halted due to Corona, and I was waiting to watch the movie with the audience. But it’s only because of the OTT release that the world got to know that Drishyam is a Malayalam original. Most people outside Kerala didn’t know that. It was possible only because of OTT,” says Ansiba, who has watched all the remakes of the first part of the film, headlined by superstar Mohanlal. It was remade in Kannada, Tamil and Hindi. About the Bollywood version, starring Ajay Devgn in the lead, she says, “I didn’t understand why they changed the storyline to show that Anju is adopted. Adoption is a beautiful thing, of course, but I didn’t understand why they changed it,” she says.

Drishyam 2 marked Ansiba’s comeback to cinema after 4 years. “I was not there in the film industry because I didn’t get the opportunities I expected. I wanted to be in movies if they made me happy and not for financial benefit. I respect my job and it’s my passion. Once I left, I didn’t think I’d come back but I got a call from Jeethu sir (director, Drishyam) during the lockdown and he said we will shoot next month. No films were being shot at that time and it was a shocking thing for me to get a role then. I feel blessed that I got a chance to work with Mohanlal sir again and that too the same character and a prominent one,” she smiles, adding that her relationship with Mohanlal is pretty much what you see on-screen. “When I initially got to know I’ll work with him, I was scared because he is so senior and I was like, ‘what if I make a mistake or require more takes?’ He made me very comfortable and cared for me like a daughter. We talk about everything now.”

About her shooting experience, Ansiba, who utilised her break from films to get a degree in visual communication, says, “It was not normal because we shot in a bubble. No one could go out, we could not get food from outside. It was a very happy time as earlier, people finished their part and went to another location for another shoot. But this time, we were together all the time,” she says.

Up next, she is waiting for the right project. “I haven’t found any good films yet. People have been asking me what I’m doing next . I want a good film and a strong character,” she sums up.

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