Angad Bedi ignores Neha Dhupia calling out to him in new video, don’t miss his mother-in-law’s comment

Angad Bedi gave fans a glimpse into his weekend with a funny video posted on Instagram. In the short clip, he said that his wife Neha Dhupia instructed him to be ready by 11.30 am, as they had to go to a friend’s house for lunch. He pointed to his watch and said that it was 12.45 pm but she was not ready herself.

While Angad said he was waiting, Neha could be heard repeatedly calling him in the background. “What are you doing? Just listen to me!” she said, at one point, as he did not respond to her.

“Sabar da phal… is always meetha (the fruit of patience is always sweet) And one more time.. the #weekend is here. #happywifehappylife #siyapaapaegayaghare @nehadhupia,” Angad wrote in his Instagram post. Neha, meanwhile, joked about his guts, claiming that he himself got ready just before shooting the video. “Gutttttssssses !!!! Got ready at 12.42 n made this video @ramneekpantal,” she commented on his post.

Angad’s mother-in-law, Babli Dhupia, also commented on the post. “Hahaha @angadbedi ek chup soo sukh (diplomatic silence can save you a lot of trouble),” she wrote. One Instagram user defended Neha and wrote, “@angadbedi tabse she is ready and calling u ..and u r on insta !! And i am sure if @nehadhupia is getting late then I am sure she is gonna get ready and gonna look stunning !! So sabr ka Phal meeta hota hai (the fruit of patience is sweet)!!”

Neha and Angad got married on May 10, 2018, and have a two-year-old daughter named Mehr. Earlier, during an Instagram live, she asked him what was the ‘scariest part’ of getting married to her and what was going on in his mind during the pheras.

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“Honey, when I decided that I should be married to you and you should be my wife, there was nothing scary at all. In fact, I enjoyed our lovely, small wedding. I was very happy, even when I was taking that last phera, because I was getting married to the love of my life,” he said.

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