Adil Hussain: We didn’t learn our lesson properly, but instead of pointing fingers we need to find a solution

Actor Adil Hussain came back to Delhi recently from Hampi, where he visited a friend, only to be greeted by the weekend curfews, and soon restrictions were imposed till April 30.He looks at the current crisis as something we probably need to live with.

“An entire lockdown is not going to work economically for anybody. There’s a huge section of middle-class families who’ve been sort of devastated. They’re now in poverty. Today, people know how to look after themselves so as to not contract the virus. They can also look at themselves as what went wrong in terms of our healthy lives. All these questions have to come into the mainstream conversation,” he says.

The 57-year-old reveals that he had no professional commitments as such, so nothing really got hampered due to the pandemic. In fact, Hussain had shot for multiple projects in 2020 ever since restrictions were eased and shoots were allowed.

“I had shot for three films back to back from August last year. First it was Bell Bottom in United Kingdom, then I came back for an Assamese film, and then again went back to the UK for a film called Footprints on Water. Then it was three or four days of shoot in the backwaters of Kerala,” says the actor, who then came to Delhi in September last year, to meet his 90-year-old mother.

“Then me and my family went to Hampi to meet my dear friend. I’ll begin my next film in the beginning of June in UK. I have nothing that got postponed. I wanted a break,” he adds.

As the number of Covid-19 cases continue to rise, it warrants the question what led to this. Was it because of people becoming lax or something else?

Hussain feels it’s little tricky to say where things went so wrong. “After a year of lockdown, things started opening up, and we forgot about it. We didn’t learn our lesson properly. But at the same time, even people who took extreme care, fell ill. So, I don’t want to point fingers at anyone,” he continues, “At this time, you don’t know… even scientists don’t. They’re saying now the virus has mutated, it’s in the air. What do you do? We just need to be extremely careful. We need to find a solution instead of pointing fingers.”

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