Adarsh Gourav on 15-day Janta Curfew: Don’t know if I will be as productive as I was during the lockdown last year

For Adarsh Gourav, the news of the 15-day Janta Curfew in Mumbai, seemed like a repeat telecast of 2020, but a tad bit more disappointing. Now, the actor says both “inspiration as well motivation” are missing.

“It is a little frustrating. When it happened for the first time (last year), there was a sense that it was happening for the first time, and everybody was full of inspiration… even I wanted to do a lot of things,” he tells us.

Switch to the present, the actor shares that he isn’t sure, “if I will be able to do as much as I did last year during the lockdown, being very productive being at home”.

The entertainment industry, which was on its way to revival, faced a stumbling block when the state government announced a slew of restrictions to curb the spike in Covid-19 cases. As per new directive, shootings of all formats have come to a halt, impacting showbiz with gravity.

“It’s disappointing that shoots aren’t happening. But again, I’ve to say that I’m very fortunate that I live in a house where I don’t have to worry about where my food is coming from, where a lot of people in the world, don’t even have the basics set right for them,” says Gourav.

Asked if his work schedule was also affected by the new order, the 26-year-old says, “No. I’ll be working on two projects, out of which one is supposed to start in November, and the other one, next year. I’m hoping that till then the pandemic eases off, and we’re are in a better position.”

At the moment, he’s optimistic that things will get better and urges everyone to keep wearing masks and following protocols.

“There’s already a lot of shortage of beds in hospitals, and oxygen cylinders in hospitals. There’s going to be more pressure on our front-line staff, nurses and doctors, If we don’t follow the rules,” Gourav shares, adding, “Imagine how tired we feel sitting in our house and not being able to go out. Now compare that to what the doctors and nurses are feeling where every day they’ve to go to the hospital, be exposed to this virus and still continuing to do that.”

Hoping that people will learn from their past mistakes, he warns, “If you don’t learn from your mistakes, then this will happen next year again.”

On the work front, Gourav got on the spiral of fame with his latest film, The White Tiger, which got him international acclaim. He was even nominated for the BAFTA in the best leading actor category for his performance, however he lost the award to veteran Anthony Hopkins.

But he’s not fretting about losing the trophy. “It was an honour for me to be nominated among my childhood heroes. And Anthony Hopkins is one of the greatest actors in the world. I’m really happy that he won for ‘The Father’, which is a brilliant film. Frankly, I was rooting for him to win, and I am glad that he won,” the actor says with contention in his voice.

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